Our TTC Journey

Our Story

It all started on the evening of May 15th, 2006. I was 19 and decided to go out to a night club about 45 minutes from Lawton, Oklahoma. My cousin, April came with me. This particular night club was 18 and up, this is why we had to travel so far just to get a little dancing in. :P That night my cousin and I were dancing. Now back then I didn't let just any guy dance with me. If I thought he was creepin', I just walked away, lol. But this really short guy decided to come up and start dancing with us. His name was Dan. He had 2 other guys with him (which I had no clue about until later). We danced quite a bit. Then all of a sudden, Dan went off to get one of his buddies, Scott (my now DH) to come out and dance, but he wasn't quite the dancer. Lol! To make the story of this night short, my cousin and I decided to hang out with these 3 guys all night. Dan and Scott were totally wasted, and Lamar was the designated driver. I was cool with that. :) Needless to say, we got home at 5:30AM, party animals, huh? :P And as an added plus, they were soldiers from Fort Sill, partying it up in Wichita Falls, Texas. Hooah!

Now here's the juicy part....
I had kind of really wanted to hang out with Dan more than either of the other two guys. When Dan finally called me the next day he asked if I wanted to hang out. I said OF COURSE! Needless to say, he pawned me off on Scott several days later. And honestly, I'm beyond happy that he did. Scott called me quite a bit and kept wanting to hang out. I decided, what the hell, why not? We hit it off from the beginning. But let me say, I had lots of training to do because he sure was not a ladies man(I still believe this is perfectly okay!). He was never into all the lovey, dovey type stuff. I didn't let that ruin our relationship. :) We continued to hang out.

On June 2, 2006 we became and "official" couple. I was still living with my mother and he was livings in the barracks on post at Fort Sill. I was also in college and working at a local Dollar General. We continued to share our "first's" together such as; holidays, kisses, and sexual experiences(he was my first). Of course, I was on BCP. The first year and a half we spent together dating was great! We learned a lot about each other and I definitely had my work cut out for me in teaching him how to be romantic and a gentleman because he was never shown or told how to handle a serious relationship. We "stuck like glue."

In May of 2007 he got orders to be sent to South Korea from November 2007-November 2008. I was devastated. I didn't want him to leave and I should have expected it. In October 2007 we started talking about marriage. We were laying in bed one night in late October and he asked me to marry him. I completely said yes. Now try to picture this, it's not all romantic like most peoples engagements would be. But there's one thing you have to understand about Scott, he doesn't know how to go about doing these things because he was never shown or taught. I didn't care that there wasn't a ring, but to be honest, I wish he would have made it more special. We were engaged from October '07-May '08.

May 17, 2008

In May of 2008 we got married while Scott was on leave. He was home for a month. We went on our honeymoon and enjoyed all the time we had together. It was wonderful. We bought our first new car right before he left, a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer. He went back to Korea and I went back to school that fall and started working with special education students in classrooms. I also stopped BCP right after he left to go back to Korea. While he was in Korea he got the news that he would be heading to Fort Riley, Kansas. Our first duty station as a married couple!!

In November 2008 he came home from Korea. We moved to Fort Riley, Kansas in January of 2009. Got a great place to live, I got a job at an amazing elementary school and did what I love best: working with children. I had a hard time dealing with being 5 hours away from my mom, sister, and rest of my family. I got through it though with visits home every other month.

Chloe & Andy
In February 2009 we added a new addition to our family, our princess Chloe, a 12 week old Yorkshire Terrier. My FAVORITE breed of dog. I was busy cleaning up pee and poop from her lovely little body. ;) We then added little Andy, same breed, to our family in November 2009. It was a very eventful year for pups! They are 9 months apart in age. We also traded in Scott's motorcycle for a 2009 Kowasaki ZX-14. From the day he got it, I felt like I was being cheated on. Haha That bike is his baby!

Around March 2009 my husband started having issues with high blood pressure and high heart rate. It took quite a while for doctors to figure out what the problem was. He had to take several different types of high blood pressure medications. (to this day I think some of those cycles were BFN's due to the medications he was taking, but we will never know!) He was supposed to be deployed to Iraq in august of 2009 but due to his health, he was nondeployable. They finally decided to take out one of his adrenal glands in December 2009. This surgery did not help his situation and doctors just feed him medication that keeps his blood pressure and heart rate down. They gave him until March of 2010 when they finally shipped him over to Iraq for the rest of his unit's deployment.

In January 2010 I decided to start Weight Watchers. I was very successful and lost 80 lbs within the first 9 months of the program!!

From March 2010 to August 2010 he was deployed to Iraq. This was a difficult 5 months. I got through by spending lots of time at work and with my friend whose husband was in the same unit as Scott. It worked out well. She is my main girl to this day! While our husbands were gone she delivered a beautiful baby boy. I enjoyed every little moment being by her side because she had nobody else to be there for her(her parents didn't have money to come visit at the time). I picked her up from the hospital and brought the bouncing baby boy named Julian home for the first time. Those next few months were filled with several weekend trips , pool days, working out, movie nights, dinners and daily planning to pass the time while our husbands were gone. We also saved a ton of money and paid off our new car with the deployment money.

In August 2010, 3 days before my birthday, my soldier came home from deployment at 4am. This was the most exciting day of my life! To know my soldier was home safe and not in any danger!  In late September 2010 I got a positive on a Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy test. A few days later, all tests were negative. We were devastated. But we moved on in hopes we would one day have our own! In October 2010 we got the news we would be moving back to Lawton/Fort Sill, Oklahoma. HOME!!! I was super excited about this because if I were to get pregnant, I'd be able to spend lots of time with my family there and would get all the help I could ever ask for. In November 2010 we bought Scott's "new" truck, a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

We moved back to Lawton/Fort Sill in January 2011. Bought a brand new house in February 2011. We were referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist in March and we were settled into our new house by the end of April. I got a job as a substitute teacher and continued to try to get pregnant.

Our house


May, June, July, August, and September passed with no pregnancy. Although I started working as an assistant in a 3rd grade classroom in September 2011.

In October 2011 we decided, hey, let's do Intrauterine Insemination! It worked! BFP 11-8-11! Unfortunately it ended in a chemical pregnancy at 4 weeks 5 days. November and December cycles NTNP due to the holidays and RE's office being closed during ovulation time. Those resulted in BFN.

January-April 2012 we had continued to try to make a baby. We spent 2 months having to "restart" AF with Provera and one month of a break due to DH possibly being deployed. That fell through so we decided to continue treatments in April 2012. My RE decided to get rid of this little polyp in my uterus to see if that would aid in our chances to getting pregnant. I had a hysteroscopy/polypectomy on May 11, 2012. 2.5 weeks later I had my post-op appointment to see if I had ovulated. My RE said I had and tested my progesterone levels, they were elevated. I was stoaked! I thought I would have to take Provera to kick start AF. Boy was I wrong, I was in the two week wait without even knowing it. I was even taking my temperature and had not seen any rise. He said I had ovulated the day before.

On June 5th, 2012, I got my first NATURAL positive pregnancy test. I was shocked. I was in disbelief. I started crying and praising God for all he has given us. For all we have gone through to get to where were are today. Tests are getting darker as the days pass. I will have my beta done at 15dpo. There is no better feeling than seeing "pregnant" on that little test! I'm THRILLED!!!!