Our TTC Journey

TTC Timeline

*12/08-12/10 Not preventing, but trying! = all BFN and cycles lasting 42, 37, 40, 26, 40, 45, 35, 42, 42, 21, 29, 34, 40, 35, 39, 29, 41, 19, 21, 29, ?, 29 days. (7 cycle "breaks" due to DH's job/health)

  • 5/09-6/09 DH gone to training at NTC to prepare for deployment to Iraq.
  • 12/09-1/10 Break due to DH's adrenalectomy.
  • 3/10-8/10 DH deployed to Iraq.
  • 8/10 Blood tests revealed clinical hypothyroidism, started on 1/2 of .025 mg pill of Levothyroxine and also had low vitamin D levels, 4000 units of D-3 supplements every day as well as prenatal.
  • 12/10-2/11 Infertility workup by Primary Care Manager, all normal. BFN (cycles 30, 30 days) Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, and Levo.
  • 2/11-3/11 First RE Appointment: Bloods taken with diagnosis of Elevated Prolactin Level; started Bromocriptine 1/2 pill of 2.5mg. also upped my Levothyroxin to a whole pill(TSH level at 4.0....) and HSG all clear, also started temping this month which showed I do ovulate. BFN (cycle 30 days) Also taking Prenatal & Vitamin D-3.

DH's SA: March 2011
Volume: 3.9mL, Count: 44.5 million/mL, Motility: 54.5%, Progression: 3, pH: 7.6, Total Motile: 94.7 million, Morphology: 7%

RE cycle #1
  • 3/11-4/11 Temping, using OPK, and BD 8 days in a row!!! (Holy crap!) lol DH’s SA normal!!! Yay! One less thing to worry about! :) BFN. Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. (cycle 30 days)
RE cycle #2
  • 4/11-5/11 Break due to DH in training in Wyoming for a month. Still temping and doing OPK's. Taking Prenatal, Vit D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. (cycle 30 days)
RE cycle #3
  • 5/11-6/11 Temping and using OPK = BFN. Taking Prenatals, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. (cycle 33 days)
  • May 30 (CD 19): RE did post coital test, mucus perfect. RE found uterine polyp and will do a saline test to further evaluate. He says it may very well be the problem! We're getting somewhere!! :)June 1: 
  • Labs for all medication are perfect! Hooray!!!!!! (TSH: 2.4, Prolactin: Normal)
RE cycle #4 
  • 6/11-7/11 Temping and using OPK. Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine.
  • June 20 (CD 7): SHG normal, no polyps! BFN (cycle 31 days)
RE cycle #5
  • 7/11-8/11 Temping and using OPK. Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. BFN, (cycle 33 days)
RE cycle #6
  • 8/11-9/11 Temping, Pre-Seed, no OPK, Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine, First cycle Clomid 25mg CD 5-9,
  • Aug 29(CD 13): One Follie @ 20mm, poor lining, poor post coital test. BFN. (cycle 28 days)
RE cycle #7
  • 9/11-10/11 Temping, not using OPK, Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. 
  • Sept 26 (CD 13): One Follie @ 17mm right side, and small uterine polyp 
  • Sept 27 (CD 14): One Follie @ 19mm right side and hCG triggered, polyp still visible. If no BFP, will do another SHG to see polyp better next cycle. Post Coital test (CD 14) was MUCH better than last cycles. BFN. (Cycle 28 days) 
RE cycle #8
  • 10/11-11/11 Temping, Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. First IUI. :) 
  • Oct 19(CD 8): 2nd SHG done, no polyps??? Huh??? Ok... RE gave us 3 options; couple more natural cycles, first IUI, or laparoscopy. We decided to do our first IUI!
  • Oct 21(CD 10): One follie @ 11.2mm right side.
  • Oct 25(CD 14): One follie @ 16mm right side, 75IU Menopur. Grow follie!!!
  • Oct 26(CD 15) Trigger Shot at 11pm
  • Oct 28(CD 17): Very First IUI at 9:45am (About 35 hrs post trigger shot) Cost: $468.00!  
  • DH SA Pre/Post wash: Volume: 3.9mL/.53mL, Count: 57.9 mil/68.9 mil, Motility: 74.8%/91.3%, Total Motile: 168.8 mil/33.4 mil 
  • Nov 8 (11DPIUI) BFP! :) Stick baby bean, stick!!!!! EDD July 20, 2012!
  • Nov 14 (17DPIUI): Beta: 32, Progesterone: 1.9, Chemical. :( 
  • Nov 16 (19DPIUI): Beta: 29, Progesterone: 0.9, keep going down!!! Bleeding & Cramps has started... (Cycle 35 days)
RE cycle #9
  •  11/11-12/11 Natural cycle, Using OPK, Temping, Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. BFN. (cycle 30 days)
RE cycle #10
  • 12/11-1/12 HOLIDAY BREAK CYCLE!!! :) (Per my RE) ~ Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. No expecations AT ALL! Having a Merry Christmas and Happy New year with my AMAZING husband!! (30 day cycle)
RE cycle #11
  • 1/12-2/12 Temping, Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. BFN
  • Jan 27th (CD 13): RE decided to restart my cycle due to no follicle growth (Whaaatt????). Provera 10mg for 7 days and call in on CD1 for baseline ultrasound.
RE cycle #12
  • 2/12-3/12 Temping, Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. Follistim injections, trigger, Instead Softcups, and timed intercourse. Praying this works!!
  • Feb 7 (CD 4): Baseline Ultrasound, Start Stimming ~ Follistim 75 IU for 7 days!
  • Feb 14 (CD 11) Follie Scan showed follies growing. Didn't get details but there were a couple 9mm's on the left side and some others on the right. Was told to continue with 75 IU each night for another week!
  • Feb 17 (CD 14) Spotting, called RE & he upped my Follistim to 83 IU for next 4 days and said it should stop my spotting but didn't give an explanation. Still on for Tuesday's appointment.
  • Feb 21 (CD 17) Second follie scan, triggered with a 18.2mm follie! :D
  • BFFN :(
RE cycle #13
  •  3/12-4/12 Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine. Break due to DH possibly being deployed. Well, HE'S NOT BEING DEPLOYED! :)
April 10th: Change of plans, he IS being deployed.
April 11th: Change of plans again, he IS NOT being deployed.

RE cycle #14
  • 4/12-5/12 Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine.
  • April 20 (CD 13) No lead follies. RE gave me Provera 10mg for 7 days to restart AF. He wants to do a hysteroscopy for the "polyp" he has been seeing every few months. He then wants me to do a Follistim/BD cycle. God knows the best for us...
RE cycle #15
  • 5/12-6/12 Temping, Taking Prenatal, Vitamin D-3, Levo, and Bromocriptine.
  • May 9 (CD10) Pre-op appointment
  • May 11 (CD12) Hysteroscopy and polypectomy - removed one polyp! Success!!
  • May 29 (CD 28) Post-op appointment, RE confirmed ovulation on right ovary, with P4 being elevated. Horray for no Provera! Will this be our BFP cycle????
  • June 5 (8dpo) NATURAL BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! 
  • June 12 (15dpo) Beta: 1,254 / P4: 25!!! C'mon my green little overachieving nugget!! :)
  • June 18 (21dpo) Beta: 15,000! Thrilled beyond words! Glory to God! 
  • June 23 (26dpo) Beta: 30,000! Trip to the ER due to bleeding - Abdominal U/S shows gestational sac!
  • June 25 (28dpo) 6 weeks trans-vaginal U/S with RE shows one baby right on schedule with hb of 127bpm. We are over the moon excited! :) One thing: P4 dropped to 19, starting once daily progesterone gel suppositories in hopes to keep the P4 elevated. Lovely!
  • July 4 (7w2d) I felt a gush of blood in my pants. It was all over the place. Bleeding continued for about 30 min with red spotting. I was hysterical. :/ The Crinone suppositories have been building up and I've been experiencing gross globs of gunk every wipe. Through the night I put a pad on and decided to wait it out. Bleeding became pink and turned to brown by morning and throughout the day I had several globs of black Crinone build up. Gross.
  • July 6 (7w4d) U/S went perfect! Baby measured one day ahead with a strong heartbeat of 164bpm. And all spotting is gone hopefully for good!
  • Baby boy born on November 7th, 2012. Born at 25 weeks 2 days weighing  2 pounds 2 ozs.

Baby number 2!

Sept 2014 - natural BFP - Chemical
March 2015 - natural BFP - M/C @ 8 weeks (twins)

September 2015
9-22 natural BFP beta 53.7 - doc added progesterone nightly 200mg until 13 weeks
9-24 Beta 154 doubling time: 29.89
9-28 Beta 1,083 doubling time:  34.11
9-30 Beta 3,103 doubling time: 31
10-1 First Ultrasound! Gestational sac and yolk sac seen
10-13 Nurse Appointment
10-26 Second Ultrasound