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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Yeah, 10 days passed trigger shot. Took a test and, dun dun dun, it's out of my system(BFN)! So now when I get my wondfo tests from amazon, I can definitely go crazy peeing! :) Nothing new really besides a friend of mine IRL just got her period today. AHHHH!@#!@#% for her. :( I'm just so frustrated. But last night I came across a scripture in the book Grace For The Moment by Max Lucado.

God's Good Timing
"God will always give what is right to his people who cry to him night and day, and he wull not be slow to answer them." Luke 18:7

I was having a hard time sleeping last night because my husband went to the field for a week and it was just me, Chloe, and Andy. I needed some inspiration and to keep my faith going of God. This passage is so helpful. I know that even though this cycle could possibly be a bust, God knows when the time is right and although we feel like the time should be now, it's not about what time we want it to happen in. He makes that choice and He will bless us when his time is right! I cry out to him every day to heal my body and I keep the hope alive by reading the word of the Bible. It gives me a good feeling inside to know that God will one day, in time, give us what we have been waiting for, for so long.

So these next 3-4 days are going to be long and boring. I ordered my wondfo tests and they should be here on Monday or Tuesday. I got 50 of them! Hahaha SoI am going to try not to stress about anything.

I do feel like I should wait to test until next Wednesday because that's when my husband will be home from the field. My sisters birthday is on Tuesday. We will see what happens. My LP is usually 12 or so days long. So that would make AF come on her birthday. I pray she stays away for 9 months because of pregnancy! :P

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