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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A stranger in my house?

About a week and a half ago we encountered a stranger in our house at 3am. I have been a little lazy about posting the story because, well, I've just not felt like typing about it. lol Well, now I am!

It was 3am, we were peacefully sleeping in our bed, with our bedroom door closed and the pups in the crate. All of a sudden I wake up to the noise of our bedroom handle being moved. With a frown on my face, I feel for my husband, he is still in bed. The person promptly opens our bedroom door, turns on the light, says he is sorry, turns off the light, closes the door, and walks out of the house. While the man was doing so, my husband went into training mode after I shook him, and said "Babe!! There's someone in the house!!" Immediately he grabbed his gun, cocked it, and chased this mofo out the door. Imagine how much fear was going through my body. I said outloud, "Don't shoot him." LMAO, I have no clue why, I just knew he wasn't in our house to harm us, because it was weird how he said "sorry" before closing the door to our bedroom. Anyway, my husband (in his underwear) Had hus gun pointed at this man within a matter of seconds (thank you, US Army training). So my husband and this stranger were standing at the front door, i had my head peaked out of our bedroom door looking their way. My husband had his M&P .45 pointed straight at the mans back. My husband asks the man, "Who are you and why the fuck were you in my house?" (I apologize, my husband is quite vulgar.) The man replies with, "I'm Dewayne and I'm staying here for the night." At this point my husband knew the guy was probably drunk, so he put his gun on safe while still pointing it at the man. My husband says, "No the hell you're not, get the fuck out of here." And the man just walked off. My husband proceeded to come back inside the house and checked to make sure nobody else had entered without permission. Nope, house was empty. He also checked for missing items. Nothing missing. He sat on the couch for a second and noticed grass on the couch as well as some puke. We both thought the guy was drunk and probably just had the wrong house (our neighbors house is set up EXACTLY like ours, we know because when we were buying this house, we looked at that house as well because it was for sale at the same time). So, we finally got back to sleep.

In the morning my husband went to the neighbors house to see if he had a buddy of his that stayed over last night. Neighbor said yes, and his buddy had puked in the yard and got lost while trying to make it back to his friends house. lol

The moral of this story is to make sure your front door is locked and you keep the alarm on every night or you might end up with a strange drunk man in your house at 3am.

Let me tell you, it was the scariest thing I have ever went through. My heart was racing at 200bpm. I check the front door at least 2 times before going to bed now. :)

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  1. I would have died. I just deadbolted my own front door. Good grief, thank you God for our military men!!!