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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 24 VIABILITY!!!! Weigh In

Week 1: 171.2
Week 2: 169.2 (-2 lbs)
Week 3: 169.2 (+0 lbs)
Week 4: 170 (+0.8 lbs)
Week 5: 170.2 (+0.2 lbs)
Week 6: Didn't track (174 at OB, with clothes on)
Week 7: Didn't track
Week 8: Didn't track
Week 9: 175.4 (+5.2 lbs)
Week 10: 175.6 (+0.2 lbs)
Week 11: Didn't track
Week 12: 178.6 (+3 lbs)
Week 13: 180.6 (+2 lbs)
Week 14: 181.2 (+0.6 lbs)
Week 15: 183.8 (+2.6 lbs) (187 at OB, with clothes on)
Week 16: 183 (-0.8 lbs)
Week 17: 186 (+3 lbs)
Week 18: 186.4 (+0.4 lbs)
Week 19: 186 (-0.4 lbs) (192.4 at OB with clothes on)
Week 20: 188.6 (+2.6 lbs)
Week 21: 188 (-0.6 lbs)
Week 22: 187.4 (-0.6 lbs)
Week 23: 190.4 (+3 lbs) (196 at OB with clothes on)
Week 24: 193.4 (+3 lbs) eeeek!

Total gain:  22.2 lbs

At this point I'm more excited to be at the viability point than anything!!!!! Of course baby boy needs to stay in there for at LEAST another 13 weeks. But I am so elated that this little boy is ours and he is growing just as he should. Each week that passes just makes me more and more excited to meet him and to see who he looks more like! I'm guessing he is going to be a spitting image of his daddy, but maybe with blond hair. We will see! And the weight gain....BLAH on you poor metabolism AND you horrible cravings for milkshakes and kool-aid! ARG....

We have his nursery furniture, bedding, floor gym, bumbo seat, and several outfits so far. Over Thanksgiving break we plan to paint his room and put a decal up with his name. I can't wait to see the finished product!

We also have some fun things going on, between holidays! December 2nd is our maternity shoot. Hubby's cousin is doing it for us. The shoot will include maternity AND a newborn session for after baby is born. I can't wait! Then on December 8th we are having our FIRST baby shower! Holy crap, it's just around the corner! Before we know it, it will be time for little boy to enter the world and I can't wait to kiss his sweet face!

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