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Monday, July 23, 2012

*10 WEEKS*

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How far along: 10 weeks!
How big is baby this week: The size of a prune!

Total weight gain: 4.4 lb

Stretch marks: Being overweight does that to you. Yes.

Sleep: Sleeping perfectly! So glad it's summer so I can sleep whenever I want! :)

Best moment this week: The excitement that in 3 more weeks we will be in second trimester!

Miss anything: Being able to control food temptations! I have a really bad cake craving right now. :/

Movement: Too early!

Food cravings: Cake, pickles, and french fries.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The sickness is going away for the most part. I can eat normally without feeling sick.

Symptoms: Exhaustion, gas, bloating.

Belly button: Innie

Weddings rings: On most of the time.

Mood: Really excited to hit DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!

Looking forward to: In 7 days we will be seeing baby again! I can't wait. We're also going to go public on Facebook if all goes well! :)

Anything else?: So glad I get to stop taking the Crinone supplements. So tired of seeing gunk in my underwear daily. LOL

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