Our TTC Journey

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Appointment Update

So my follie scan went horrible. :( Just like back in February when my RE gave me Provera to re-start my cycle. He didn't see ANY lead follies on day 13. I don't understand this because last cycle I had a normal 33 day cycle though I think I O'd on day 21. I'm just confused. He also saw the darn uterine polyp that I have had 2 SHG's for in the past. He doesn't want to monkey around any more and told me he will more than likely want to do a hysteroscopy when AF comes. I'm excited to finally have him doing something about this "polyp" I've had since last July that keeps popping up every now and again but likes to hide during SHG's and my one HSG. Apparently I have a tricky little booger in there that likes to play games with us.

Anyway, my RE also said he wants to try Follistim again. Ugh... I am willing to do what he suggests, but I'm worried about the bleeding I had on the last cycle using it. If I end up bleeding again, I WONT be using it again. My DH and I talked last night about the medication and that if I bleed again, we will ask a friend of mine for her Menopur she used while doing her IUI's and we will do an IUI with that if this next cycle fails. She offered it to me a couple months ago. I may just take her up on the offer! :)

I really don't know how I feel. I'm kind of in a weird funk. I know that God has a plan, but how many more times am I going to get bad news? I'm tired of waiting. I need to be patient and trust in Him. For now, I'm continuing my weight loss journey and praying that God brings our miracle down to us.


  1. I had random spotting this cycle on Follistim too. Never really thought anything of it since my lining continued to thicken... Did your doctor ever give you a reason why it happened? Hopefully the hysteroscopy can clear that polyp out for good!

    1. I have heard several others who have had spotting with it as well. Mine was spotting for 2 days then light to medium flow for 2 days after. The 5th day, my follie scan day, I was spotting. My RE was baffled by how much bleeding there was. I think at my first scan he said my lining was a 7, then a week later it went down to a 6 and told me not to expect anything from the cycle because my lining was so horrible. My E2 was normal at 330 with one 18.5mm follie. He told me he has NEVER seen that type of situation in his 30ish years of work. Anyway, I just pray that the hysteroscopy works. I'm so anxious to get some GOOD news since most of it has been bad since the miscarriage.