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Sunday, April 1, 2012

No deployment??? Huh????

So, you know how my husband was supposed to be deployed? Well, he is now telling me that he should not be deploying with his old unit. His old unit was 2-18 FAR and he is now in C-Tab. Well, last week, we thought he was going to deploy and everything. He even had orders back to 2-18 from C Tab. On Thursday, he got the news to go back to C Tab (who is not deploying). And he is pretty much saying they changed their minds about sending him (and a few other soldiers) back to 2-18. It a bit confusing to say the least. I am pretty sure it's all still up in the air, though. But, for now, he isn't being deployed. This could change at any moment, though.

So with him hopefully not being deployed, I asked him if he wanted to do another IUI cycle next month. I'm currently around 7dpo. I haven't being temping/using OPK's this month so it could less or it could be more. I'm going off a guess that O was CD 20. The follistim from last cycle may have played a part in this cycle (because Clomid made me O sooner in the months following the initial month of taking it) and I could be further in my 2ww or less. Who knows? I didn't even track our days of BD. Who knows? But when AF comes, I think we will schedule a CD 14 follie scan and schedule an IUI. I was so excited when he told me he wasn't supposed to deploy and that things changed.

We also talked about the decision of doing another IUI with the possibility of him leaving and we both decided that we can't play God and try to plan everything accordingly. We know we want a baby. We know we are ready. Why wait? Yes, I need to lose another 20 lbs at least, but I am healthy, I know what and what not to eat. I know I need to exercise as much as I can. I know all the pros and cons of trying to get pregnant when my husband is possibly going to leave. Any military family goes through this. You CAN'T plan and have things go EXACTLY your way all the time. Things have gone our way (besides getting pregnant) 100% in the last few years. God has blessed us.

Please pray for us. This decision wasn't easy, but I know we will be fine in whatever happens. God will provide the answers and all we can do is depend on Him. :)

Next Step: Wait for AF (should be around April 7th)!!! And then follie scan should be April 20th (good guess). I am EXCITED!

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