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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh in and OFFICIAL news!

Week one: 182.0
Week two: 180.6
Week three: 179.6(AF week)
Week four: 178.2
Week five: 179.0 (Provera week)
Week six: 180.0 (AF week)
Week seven: 179.0 (Follistim week)
Week eight: didn't track (Follistim week)
Week nine: didn't track
Week ten: 177.4 (first myfitnesspal week)
Week eleven: 177.4 (AF week)
Week twelve: 174.2
Week thirteen: 175.2
Week fourteen: 173.6
Week fifteen: 174.0

Total lost: 8 lbs lost.

Ugh, what the heck? Don't know what that gain is about. Ate my calories and stayed within a good range. I did do a zumba class as well as ran a few miles throughout the week. I really, honestly, don't know what is wrong with my body!!!!

It's OFFICIAL!!!! He is NOT deploying!!! :) I am so stoked about this. We plan on doing an IUI as soon as AF shows her lovely face. I'm assuming she will be here this weekend or at least by Monday (hopefully). I am so blessed. I cannot wait to get the ball on the road. Praying that we are successful....

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  1. Great news!! These are the only times we are happy for AF to show. :)