Our TTC Journey

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good News, FINALLY!!!

I have fabulous news! Well, I had my post-op appointment yesterday. I totally thought I was going to have to take Provera because my body wasn't going to ovulate any time soon. Well, come to find out, I ovulated the night before my appointment. My RE took wandy, looked at my uterus where the polyp was (it was gone!) and then took a look at both ovaries and my lining. First of all, my lining was a whopping 13mm!!! He looked at my right ovary second. He asked me if I had any pain on my right side lately and I said yes. The night before, after DH and I BD'd, my uterus and right ovary felt like they were being stabbed with a huge needle. I thought something was super wrong, like I was going to die. I haven't felt that much pain down there in a while. Well, I decided to sleep it off and talk to my RE about it at my appointment. I was surprised when he asked if I had any pain. While he was looking at righty, he saw a corpus luteum which looked to have already popped (I guess). He then checked lefty and had a hard time finding it. There were a couple very small follies. I had my blood drawn for E2 and P4 and he called me back with my results after I left the office. He told me my P4 level was elevated and I was super stoked about this. He said I ovulated and if I don't get my period by the 14th then I could come in that morning to get a beta. AHHHH!!!! I didn't think I would be going through a TWW for a while!!! I praise God for giving us this chance! We BD the three days leading to O, then on O day, and the day after. 5 DAYS OF BD DURING O TIME! I am super duper excited. And I wont even have to think about testing out the trigger, if I see 2 lines I will know it's FOR REAL. I'm going to start testing on the 6th.

God really was looking out for us this cycle. We are so blessed, no matter how long it's going to take to make this baby of ours. God is guiding us and will always provide!!!


  1. 13 mm is very good! Seems like things are definitely falling into place!!lots of good luck to you! :)