Our TTC Journey

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hysteroscopy & Polypectomy SUCCESS!

I am proud to announce that the surgery was a success. The pesky "polyp" we were unsure of was INDEED a uterine polyp. I am a bit loopy still and my throat hurts from the breathing tube they put in for the general anesthesia. I'm also a bit nauseous if I sit up for too long and try to do too much. Even when I start eating I get the sick feeling. So I'm keeping this short and am proud to say that this hurdle we had to jump over was very successful. I am so thrilled! Can't wait for next month to HOPEFULLY get our natural BFP with Follistim injections! Keep praying for us.... this journey has been one heck of a ride!


  1. That's great news Shannon!! Will be praying for you...

  2. That's great news!! Hope you feel much better and get your BFP very soon! FX FX