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Sunday, May 13, 2012

You may not want to read...

I had not had a bowel movement since Thursday, the day before the surgery. Okay, so my RE told me to take milk of magnesia the day after surgery. I took it like the good girl I am. Well, today I am feeling the effects of taking this lovely bowel moving liquid. Ugh. I have had toilet time about 8 times today and it's not a pretty sight or sound (sorry to be so gross). I am having the WORST indigestion feeling in the world and it feels like my intestines are playing a game of checkers. I feel hungry but also feel like I'll be sick if I eat. It's annoying more than anything. 

I have not spotted at all today so that is a good thing. My throat stopped hurting from the breathing tube they inserted. That's another plus. :) I just wish this crazy stomach part would go away so I can stop running marathon to the bathroom. lol

My pre-op appointment is Tuesday the 29th where he will probably give me before and after pictures of my uterus and then take my P4 to tell me if I ovulated or not. I plan to start temping on Wednesday so that I can know if I ovulate before that and what DPO I will be so I can know when to expect AF and get ready for my baseline ultrasound and injections. I am so excited for this next cycle it is unreal. All these questions are being answered and hopefully it turns out for the best.... without any bleeding at all before ovulation. God is guiding us. I know He has extravagant plans for us and we will having our miracle soon.

By the way, happy mothers day to all mothers and mothers to be as well a those mothers to little angels lost too soon. <3

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