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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Week one: 184.0
Week two: 180.6
Week three: 179.6(AF week)
Week four: 178.2
Week five: 179.0 (Provera week)
Week six: 180.0 (AF week)
Week seven: 179.0 (Follistim week)
Week eight: didn't track (Follistim week)
Week nine: didn't track
Week ten: 177.4 (first myfitnesspal week)
Week eleven: 177.4 (AF week)
Week twelve: 174.2
Week thirteen: 175.2
Week fourteen: 173.6
Week fifteen: 174.0
Week sixteen: 173.4 (AF week)
Week seventeen: 172.4
Week eighteen: 171.6 (Provera week)
Week ninteen: 172.6 (Provera/AF week)
Week twenty: 170.6
Week twenty-one: 169.6
Week twenty-two: 171.2

Total lost: 12.8 lbs

Ugh... I have no clue WHY I have gained this week. It really angers me!!!! And to add to the fact, I'm still waiting on a positive OPK. I just pray that I get one before my appointment so I don't have to take Provera AGAIN. :/

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