Our TTC Journey

Monday, May 28, 2012

Looks like I'm gonna need Provera. :(

My post-op appointment is tomorrow. I haven't had a temp rise or positive OPK which is truly annoying. Oh well, though. I'm trying to just accept the fact that my body has not done what I want it to for the past few months anyway. I'm just ready to move on from this waiting crap. I'm read to start a PERFECT cycle!!!!!!! I am NOT ready for all the shots of follistim but I will do it because I know my follies need a bit of help. So AF should be here around the 8th of June. Seems like FOREVER away. Another crappy 2 week wait without the suspense of wondering if I am pregnant, how FUN! No really, it's so outstanding to have so much fun with the devil pill! (kidding) Just so ready to move on!

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