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Saturday, June 9, 2012

8-12dpo progression!

I still can't wrap it around my head that I am pregnant. And the fact that I'm beating the control line at 12dpo is mind blowing to me. Truly. Insane. I never ever thought this would happen. It's like I went from one extreme to another. Infertility to super amazing (obviously) rising hCG. My beta is on Tuesday (hopefully). 3 more days of waiting!

  • Last night I had my first round of toilet hugging. Note: A bowl of Lucky Charms right before bed is not a fab idea. It did not sit well with me. 
  • Insomnia... I'm guessing this it due to being anxious and nervous. I can't sleep because my mind is racing at the fact that anything could happen at this point (any point, really).
  • Still waking up feeling like I could eat a whole cow by myself.
  • Daily morning very soft bowel movements (not normal for me). This is really strange to me. Normally I am not regular like this. It's usually sporadic and I am not able to time when I'll probably have to go.
  • Frequent urination. Yep, going to the bathroom probably twice the amount as I normally would. The bathroom is like my new best friend? Yeah, not really. lol
Still praising the lord for the miracle He has given my husband and I. I am still in shock and I might be in denial for a while. I just pray I don't keep puking. Ehh, could totaly deal WITHOUT that but if that's what God has in store for me to get our take home baby, I'm all for it! Let the puking continue, please. :)

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