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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weigh In and 10dpo progression :)

Week one: 184.0
Week two: 180.6
Week three: 179.6(AF week)
Week four: 178.2
Week five: 179.0 (Provera week)
Week six: 180.0 (AF week)
Week seven: 179.0 (Follistim week)
Week eight: didn't track (Follistim week)
Week nine: didn't track
Week ten: 177.4 (first myfitnesspal week)
Week eleven: 177.4 (AF week)
Week twelve: 174.2
Week thirteen: 175.2
Week fourteen: 173.6
Week fifteen: 174.0
Week sixteen: 173.4 (AF week)
Week seventeen: 172.4
Week eighteen: 171.6 (Provera week)
Week ninteen: 172.6 (Provera/AF week)
Week twenty: 170.6
Week twenty-one: 169.6
Week twenty-two: 171.2
Week twenty-three: 169.2
Week twenty-four: 169.2

Total lost: 14.8 lbs

Yay for not gaining! :) I've been trying REALLY hard not to go over my calories.

I've been super duper hungry all day long and very gassy. Interestingly enough, I haven't had any breast tenderness. They feel perfectly fine! I kind of wish there were something going on with them. My tests are getting super dark - to the point where I think I will break an FRER in a few days. Insane, isn't it? I'm just trying to really keep myself guarded and not get too excited. I pray this is a sticky bean. I'm getting a beta done on Tuesday, 15dpo. I could go in and do it with my PCM if I wanted to by with my tests right now, I know I have high numbers. Especially for 10 dpo....

I've been searching the web for pictures of positive tests at 9-10 dpo. Mine are super dark compared to all of the ones I have seen. It almost seems insane to me that they are this dark. My IC's are getting really dark, too. Much darker than the ones did with my chemical.

I am so thrilled to be experiencing this right now. I still can't believe my husband and I made a baby without IUI. I never in my life thought that it would happen naturally. God really worked his magic on us. I prayed and prayed for this child. I prayed for the opportunity to be a mother and I am so grateful. Thank you God!!!!!!! Glory to Him in the HIGHEST!!!!

Here's my progression....


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