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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Green Overachieving Nugget!

This nickname came from my friend who went with my to my beta appointment. While we were waiting in the waiting room, she explained to me how God has it planned for us to have our children. All of our eggs are "lined up" in a "straight line." Most are red and some are green. Red ones are the ones that will never become our children. Green ones will. So we decided that my eggie was a green one and God decided it was time to come into this world! So that is where we got the "green" part of little love bug's nickname. "Nugget" is a word that my friend has been saying quite often lately. So I said ohhh, it's going to be my lucky "Green Nugget" we also talked about it hopefully being an overachiever! Well, after the beta results, that is definitely one true fact. We have out Green Overachieving Nugget. :) I just wish my husband were able to be there with me to hear the beta results and such. But duty calls and he had to be away for work.
I just want to say that I am so blessed to make it to 16dpo with a great beta number and p4 number. This post is going to just be for my symptom records, so I can look back and remember how it feels to be in this step of my pregnancy.

  • Every night I have a ton of nausea. After I eat dinner it gets to the point where my stomach is turning every way possible and I feel like whatever I ate is pretty much in my throat. I'm not complaining. I like having this symptom because I know something must be going on down there. :) 
  • My breasts have been getting a little tender. I was wondering when this would happen. I welcome all breast tenderness!
  • My lack of libido. I don't even want to think about having sex. In the evenings when I'm nauseous I am sure it will make for an unpleasant experience. I just hope my husband doesn't get annoyed by the fact that my va-jay-jay wants nothing to do with his dip stick. I'm also part terrified that something horrible will happen...
I am so blessed by God. THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS MIRACLE!  

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