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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beta #2 at 21dpo

My beta at 21dpo was over 15,000 -insert worried look here-

The doubling time is 40.6 hours. I am thrilled about this but the really high number makes me worry about a molar or possible twins. I'm just freaking out a tad. I guess we will find out on the 25th. I'm so nervous but really super excited.

Scott has been taunting me with the "What if we're having twins?" question. He asks me several times a day. He says he WANTS twins. I say I want a healthy baby. Boy oh boy, I am on edge with this whole twin thing. I'm just trying to get through each day. 5 weeks 2 days today. Man, I wish these next 4 days would fly by....

I have been getting super duper bloated at night time. It's annoying. I just want to let my belly hang out. It looks rather gross. I feel fat. I feel uncomfortable. And being this early, I'm beginning to think that I'm going to complain a whole lot more during the length of this pregnancy. I never thought of myself as a complainer, but I am so happy to have all these symptoms nonetheless. It's a strange situation. Oh, and gas, the lovely gas. Every night I have a party in my pants. DH thinks it's funny. I think I'm just a freak. haha


  1. Have you ever looked at BetaDatabase.info ... it just were women report on their beta numbers so it gives you a good average numbers ...

    Day 21* -- 1336 Twin Pregnancies Recorded

    Beta range Number of Pregnancies in this range
    106 - 163 (3)
    163 - 252 (5)
    252 - 389 (18)
    389 - 600 (35)
    600 - 926 (52)
    926 - 1428 (83)
    1428 - 2204 (193)
    2204 - 3400 (324)
    3400 - 5246 (344)
    5246 - 8093 (197)
    8093 - 12486 (66)
    12486 - 19262 (16)

    Day 21* -- 3111 Single Pregnancies Recorded

    Beta range Number of Pregnancies in this range
    55 - 90 (16)
    90 - 148 (33)
    148 - 243 (81)
    243 - 399 (138)
    399 - 654 (268)
    654 - 1074 (472)
    1074 - 1763 (648)
    1763 - 2894 (744)
    2894 - 4750 (481)
    4750 - 7796 (199)
    7796 - 12795 (26)
    12795 - 20999 (5)
    *Measured in Days Past Ovulation (DPO).

  2. sorry didn't mean to hit enter ... I wonder why they are drawing it again? Usually you have two maybe three beta blood drawls all within 48 hours of each other in order to figure out the accurate double time and to really see if there is concern for a high raising number. Im carrying twins and my numbers were

    Beta Day #1 ~ 3252 (4 wks 5 days)
    Beta Day #2 ~ 7836 (5 wks)

    Drawn 48 hours apart from each other.

    1. My RE did the first beta at 15 dpo and it was 1264. He was not going to do another one. But I had to get a referral to him for "early pregnancy" and they ended up having me come into the Army Hospital to confirm and they also did a beta on 21dpo (I asked the nurse when she called if they did and she told me the number). That's why I had such a long time between the two. Thank you for showing me these numbers. I have been to betabase and have been obsessed with trying to find a singleton pregnancy with beta numbers like my own. lol I REALLY think there's 2 in there mainly because everyone else thinks so by these numbers. My husband is ALL FOR twins and is rooting for them. It's got me a little but anxious and nervous to see what Monday will bring. My RE will be doing another beta at my U/S, too as well as checking my progesterone level. I just pray everyone (going along with the twin guessing) is safe and sound in the right places and growing right on schedule. Thanks again for the kind words and amazing help!!

    2. Welcome :) Ive been on this journey and long time and have meet loads of women. I use to obsess over the beta numbers but have learned that they are really just numbers. Two gals that carried triplets had numbers that were more then 1/2 less then mine. Heres to however many are in there that they are healthy and sticking around for the full 9 months :)