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Sunday, June 24, 2012

ER visit

Ugh, yes, I'm the girl who freaks out because she is spotting early in pregnancy. Yesterday I was 5 weeks 5 days pregnant. I went to the restroom and wiped and saw pink/red blood. First thought, "No!!!!" Second thought, "To the ER I go!"

Needless to say I was very upset but tried to stay calm because I know that spotting in early pregnancy is not uncommon.

We went into the ER at 9:30pm last night. They took blood, did a pelvic exam, and an abdominal ultrasound. My Beta came back at 30,000 which kind of worried me at the time. It's a 134 doubling time... seems a little slow but I have to remind myself that once they get this high, the doubling time gets slowed down. I guess the average is about 96 hours at this point. I'm not TOO far off, at least. The abdominal ultrasound found one gestational sac. Nothing else was seen. I was excited to know that we have a pregnancy in the right place. But at the same time I thought we'd see at least a yolk sac. I'm chalking it up to being abdominal and not trans-vaginal.

Tomorrow is my next appointment/ultrasound with my RE. He has Mr. Wandy, so I am praying so hard we at least get something besides the gestational sac.

I'm spotting brown now. So that makes me feel a little better. Still worried about my beta, though. What do you think??

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  1. I wouldn't be to worried about your BETA nor what they saw or lack of what they saw in the ER. Your OB/RE office will have better ultrasound equipment that is setup for early pregnancy detection. I bleed twice in my pregnancy and once was early on. I was passing a clot that had been hanging out in my uterus. Later on they found (past the 12 wk mark) they found another clot but this time it was a SCH and its still hanging around there. Im hoping that things are settling in just fine.

    Your only going to be 5 wks and 6 days today? With you initial ultrasound at the RE office? Note that you usually dont see a little heart beating until close to the 6 wk 3 day mark.