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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!!!!!

In memory of 2011, I've decided to do a recap of the year. :)

We were living with my mother, searching for our own house to buy. We looked at over 50 different homes in the area. We finally found one on January 5th, put an offer in, and they accepted! :) We casually TTC, but living at my mom's house it was a tad bit strange.

I started charting my BBT in the middle of the month and set an appointment with my RE to get some testing done and help with TTC. On the 22nd, we moved into our brand new house.

I started working as a substitute teacher this month. I also had my first RE appointment which just so happened to fall on day 3 of my cycle so we could get started right away! HSG came back normal. He told us to keep charting and get DH's sperm analysis done. At the end of the month we got the results that DH's SA was normal! Horray! This gave me a huge feeling of hope for us. My RE also gave me the news about my elevated prolactin and that is when I started taking bromocriptine in hopes to get my level into the normal range(it did within a month).

My husband went to train in Wyoming for a month. We were on a break cycle until the middle of May. I continued my job as a substitute teacher.

DH came home from training. RE found a polyp in my uterus and ordered an SHG, which turned out normal(no polyps) and was VERY PAINFUL! RE also did first post-coital test which was okay. Continued TTC naturally. We had our 3 year wedding anniversary! Wow, where has time gone?

I stopped working (summer time) and worked outside on the lawn the whole month. Since we live in Oklahoma, we hardly had any rain during the summer. I was picking weeds and watering the lawn as well as frequently changing up the flower bed in the front of the house. My first time really "gardening." It got my mind off TTC and I truely enjoyed it. We also celebrated our 5 year mark as being a couple. He is the man God always had for me. :)

RE on vacation, so TTC naturally. We went on vacation to NY to visit my dad, DH's cousin, and some long-time friends who also live in NY. A VERY much needed break from "reality."

Re decided to put me on a very low dose of Clomid for the first time. I O'd on CD 15 with HCG trigger. Boy, was that trigger scary. I turned 25, yay! Openly asked for a baby.

No more Clomid for me! RE decided it did harsh things to my uterine lining and cervical mucus. RE found another "polyp" and ordered another SHG, which turned out normal. Another natural cycle with trigger and ovulation was a tad bit earlier than normal. I start working as a class size assistant for 3rd grade, 31 kids, at an elementary school in town(5 min from my house).

The month we concieved our first baby through IUI. I will never forget that feeling of being overwhelmed and hoping, praying, and trying hard to believe I was truly pregnant. It felt so surreal, like it wasn't me. I prayed so hard for God to help me realize that is was true and I praised him for giving us such a miracle.

I'll always remember this month as the month of our first miscarriage. It was not fun at all. I prayed and prayed to God that something good would come out of this, and it did. I grew stronger with each day that passed. We had a break cycle, but still charted BBT, but surprise, a BFN. Eh... I was heartbroken. The pregnancy gave me lots of hope and and I thought it would be possible for it to happen naturally. Not this month, I guess.

On a break cycle due to the holidays, per my RE. Enjoying the holidays with my husband and family. Planning for our second IUI in late January.

This year has been very challenging. We have been through so many ups and downs. I have learned so many lessons and God has truly opened my heart more than ever this year. I will forever thank him for his graciousness. Although this is not everything that happened in 2011, it is mostly just TTC info and the major points that I want to remember and be able to look at in future dates. I pray that 2012 brings us lots of love, joy laugher, hope, and miracles. I see year 2012 as a year for a successful pregnancy which ends in a sweet healthy bundle of joy waiting at the end of the rainbow! Now that would be pure gold.

My new years resolution(s): Lose 30 lbs, and have a successful pregnancy. Here's to 2012!


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  1. Ive had a very challenging 2011 aswell... heres to a better and happier 2012! x