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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Evil thermometer told me to do it!

So I'm on CD 19 today, and decided what the heck, I'll take my temp this morning. 97.6, which means I probably haven't ovulated yet. I wasn't supposed to be checking ANYTHING that had to do with TTC this month because we are on a "break cycle" but I just can't stay away from that darn thermometer. It's. Evil. Ugh, I thought I'd be able to get through a whole cycle without worrying about TTC but low and behold, of course I get sneaky and decide to temp. Oh well, I will continue temping, at least I didn't go out and buy some OPK. :D I'm just so ready to start our second IUI cycle. I'm done with this stupid break stuff. LET'S GO 2012, I NEED MY BABY ALREADY! Praying hard for my miracle to finally happen. God is good, nonetheless!

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