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Friday, January 27, 2012

Provera and Follistim???? Huh???

I had my CD 13 follie check today and it sucked MAJOR! No follie growth???? What?????? This has never happened before during my year full of treatments and temping. Hmmm, I wonder if it's been that way in the past? I wonder if I even ovulated all those months before I lost weight? I'm not quite sure but interested in knowing. I never will, though.

My RE prescribed me Provera 10mg for 7 days to bring on AF, or to kick start a new one. I am upset about this. The good thing about the appointment is that my RE said he wanted to start Follistim injections next cycle.

The only problem with the injections and next cycle is that I have no clue when I will be getting AF due to Provera and we are supposed to be going to San Antonio Feb. 13-15th. We will be home the night of the 15th. My hubby really wanted to go over the weekend. But if we end up having a follie check appointment around then, we would have to try to make a Monday early appointment and just leave from Oklahoma City early. I'm just really irritated that I don't know the facts and how follistim is going to do with my follicles. I just pray the timing works out for us. I pray that this provera either kicks in super duper fast, like TOMORROW or decides to be super duper late like make AF come in 2 weeks. So then, if we wanted to do IUI we could make the appointment.

Our trip is in 18 days. 18!!!!!!! Provara for 7 days and if I start AF on the day after the last pill CD1 will be Feb. 3rd, which will make our trip over CDs 12-13 which is like the crappiest time to be taking a trip. WHYYY????? My RE didn't mention IUI for this next cycle. He just mentioned follistim and how it makes perfect mucus and how amazingly awesome it works with hubby's sperm. So it is possible we will just trigger this cycle and NOT do IUI since we are going on this trip. Ugh.... I just don't know. I'm just upset and wondering WHY we have to keep waiting so darn long. I thought 2 months was enough!!! Just kind of discouraged. Please, God, please help us get through this!!!


  1. when I took provera I took it for the full 7 days and then my lady days arrived after that ... I know a handful of girls that it went the same way for them as well ... just a heads up!

    1. I'm not good about checking comments, so thank you for commenting, even though it's been a week! I have started AF 2 days after the last pill. Thanks again for your response and your other comments as well. I really REALLY appreciate them!