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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The devil needs to go away!

I have been having horrible thoughts about this next IUI. I am terrified of a BFP or getting a BFN. I don't know how I will cope with getting a BFN. I will really be devastated. But if we end up with a BFP I will be terrified of another miscarriage. But a BFP would be the best of the 2. I am having trouble staying positive. I just pray that God heals my womb and creates a miracle for us to hold in our arms very soon. I don't remember how I felt with the first IUI because it was unexpected. I mean, we had like 4 days to decide if we wanted to do a lap surgery, try naturally, it IUI. Well, I had no time to wonder or stress about it. This time, I have 2 weeks to wait until the procedure then about 2 weeks to find out if it worked. I need to find something to keep my mind busy. I really enjoy looking at the website Pinterest.com and pinning food recipes as well as arts and crafty stuff. But that only goes so far. Works helps, but when I get home my mind is all in a crazy state. :(

I have 8 days until my follow scan on the 27th. I hope this next week goes by super fast. I know I will end up having to go back on the 30th because my follies won't be big enough. But that's okay, better early than late and I'd rather make more than enough trips than to have a missed cycle due to poor timing. I just have to relax and pray. We will get to the end of the rainbow. Only time will tell when and that is in Gods hands. As long as we do all we can for Him, He will help. He has answered my prayers before. I trust Him. :)

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