Our TTC Journey

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today I got a huge dip below cover line on my chart and when I went to the bathroom this morning I noticed AF was here. I wasn't surprised. I knew she would be here by the look of yesterdays temp drop and then this morning's. So with this new cycle brings IUI #2 and I am terrified, yet so excited to see the outcome. I think I am more scared because if this doesn't work, Scott and I have decided to stop all treatments and take it as a sign from God that we need to take a break or something? I really don't want to stop. Maybe I should tell Scott that? I will never STOP wanting to have a child and as long as we have the funds to keep up with treatments, then so be it! I want our baby! :) Anyway, I think my RE will be telling me to come in for an appointment on Jan. 30th. and IUI will probably be Feb. 1st. Not sure, it all depends on my follies. :D So excited yet scared. Please, please God, heal my uterus and help us make a baby with this second IUI!


  1. Wishing you loads of luck! ... As far as the whole stopping thing I think that it has to be a mutual decision; which means you have to have the dreaded talk. We have finally made a plan for when our AC journey will end and although its really scary its nice to know that there is some light at the end of the tunnel and here is why ... We have had 1 failed IUI, 4 failed IVFs and 2 failed FETs (not in that order) and we have 4 frozen embryos left. Once those are gone, its over. The journey will end. However, we know that our journey to parenthood will not. We have already started to explore adoption and narrowed it down to two agencies. Within those agencies we picked the countries we would want to adopt from. So over the next few months while we finish our AC journey we will continue to explore adoption so that IF the day comes that AC ends without a pregnancy we will still have hope to hold onto. It just won't be a dark day! Although I have personally lost a lot of faith over the years I still believe that there is a plan for those that want to be mothers; they just might have to walk a different path!

    1. I agree, I would never go against what my husband wants to do. We have had the talk of stopping treatments because it gets stressful, but it wasn't really an official decision, we just kind of talked about it. I need to talk to him about it again. Since we aren't doing another IUI this month, it's possible we will be able to continue.

      I am so sorry you've had to go through so many failed treatments. It's really a heart breaker. I agree with everything you're saying. You seem to have a strong presence and you're confident in knowing you will in some way become a mother some day. And that in itself if pretty amazing. I have often thought about adoption as well. We are not nearly as far into our journey as you have been but if we aren't successful with AC and the funds are available, we will definitely look into adoption. This does give me a light at the end of the tunnel. There are plenty of children out there that need amazing parents. :)