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Friday, January 20, 2012

Inferiltity in the workplace / Hubby rave!

Yes, that's right. How is it that 2 women working in the same classroom can have infertility and try for years? Well, this lady right here is the one who is working for a teacher who tried for a couple years before she had her first child.

We had an amazing conversation during our planning time today about infertility. I will be having a few days that I won't be at work and I wanted to cue her as to why I will be gone. Strangely enough, we got into a conversation about how she had to take clomid, BBT, and use opk's then she finally got pregnant. It made me smile to know that I'm not the only one (in the school) who is/was going through this. I feel proud to work for such a strong woman. Only infertiles know how it feels.

I told her that we had a chemical pregnancy with our last IUI. I'm sure if she were not pumping(she just had her second child in September) she would probably have given me a hug. I told her I'm slowly getting over it and that we are headed towards another IUI.

This news is great news. I'm stoked about the fact that I work with someone who KNOWS FIRST HAND how hard infertility is and has had success after trying so hard. I just can't express it enough. She's an amazing lady, for sure!

We also have another infertile in the building. The music teacher. I'm not quite sure how old she is but she looks to be into her 30s. She is very overweight and I think that she quite possibly had PCOS due to the hair growing on her face and neck. I'm not quite sure but I have heard from other coworkers that she is trying. I will be sad if I get pregnant and she finds out. I know how hard it would be for me to go through something like that. I am so praying that everything works out for the both of us. :)

Work is crazy, but I LOVE my coworkers. They keep me sane and make me want to come to work every day. The kids, on the other hand, not so much. lol They have been insane lately. I just don't understand WHY they are so crazy. :D


My husband is pretty damn amazing. I love him SO much. In the past few months I feel like I fall in love with him more and more. I used to feel like I had to keep some kind of distance between our love because of all of his health problems and the risk of losing him to some crazy disease or cancer overwhelmed me. I've come to the conclusion that I can't do that any more. I need to enjoy my husband to the fullest. I really do and have always loved him because he's such a sweetheart. If something bad happens, you roll with the punches. I'm not going to worry any more. I won't let the devil tear my feelings apart. If God needs him, He will take him into His arms! I won't be able to stop Him. So for now, my love for my husband feels like teenage love. Like blissful, kiss/hug him all the time and tell him I love him, love. It is literally the best feeling in the world. I really don't know what I would do if I didn't have him in my life. All I know is that I begged him to make pizza dough for me tonight and he is totally making some right now. Home made pizza is THE BEST. Only the best when my hubby makes the dough. LOL!

6 days until my follie scan. I can do this! WE can do this. I'm NOT letting the devil take over my life. JESUS has taken this wheel and will guide us to where we are supposed to go. :D

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