Our TTC Journey

Saturday, February 4, 2012

CD1!! :)

Today's the day! I've never been so excited to see AF! :) So it looks like I will be calling the RE to let them know when CD1 arrived. I will probably go in on CD4 for a baseline ultrasound and they will teach me how to do the follostim injections and the fun will begin. I'm SO THRILLED! I'm just nervous about taking these shots. I received them today from FedEx and opened it up and this is what they delivered:

It looks really intimidating to me. I REALLY hope this cycle is a sticky BFP one. I'd be so insanely excited and amazed if it works out. :)

Time to relax some on this first day of AF, my cramps are INSANE today but not unusually horrible, just normal day one cramps. They should be gone by tomorrow. Stay tuned for more FUN posts within the next couple weeks. AHHH! Can't believe a REAL cycle is here! Waited about 3 months for this cycle to start!

I also want to just take a moment to Praise God for all He has done for us. My husband came home from work on Friday and told me he got a job offer as a trainer for ROTC. This is a true act of God, I believe. My husband has been trying to get out of this unit he is in for quite some time because they are holding him back from progressing in his career. He's been in almost 10 years. He needs some progression. He hasn't gotten promoted since 2008. It's been almost over 4 years. He REALLY needs this job that was offered. I am praying so hard that they call him back and are able to move him. I really didn't want him to have to go to Korea, but kind of accepted it as time has gone by. I pictured me being pregnant and having to show the hubby my big preggo belly on webcam through video chat. I pictured having to take care of a newborn baby all by myself until his return. I accepted that might be the future we hold. But, I truly believe that God is on our side and He has amazing plans for us. He knows our wants and needs. He delivers when we least expect it. God has really been working in our lives lately and I just need to keep praising Him for all he has done. I'm amazed EVERY day by the acts of our Lord. :) I am so glad I know my God. He is truly a blessing in my life!


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where did you order your meds from? I've been searching for an inexpensive website for a few months now!

    Good luck! I'm looking forward to following your journey! I'll send some prayers up for you! :)

    1. My RE orders them from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, they have a website...


      After my RE calls them, they call me and set up the day I need the medication sent as well as paying the co-pay for it. My insurance pays for my medications as long as I am doing timed intercourse. If we do IUI, we have to pay for the meds. Well, the 900iu Follistim pen is $1,3504.80 and our IUIs run for about $500.00. $1,855 is way too much to spend right now since we haven't ever tried injection meds. I also responsed to 25mg Clomid days 3-9 very well, but my lining and cm was super horrible. He says Follistim helps with CM and that I will be asking him, "Why in the world do I have SO MUCH COMING OUT OF ME?" I never really have great CM. I'm really hoping this works. Thanks so much for the comment, I loved your 30 day blog challenge! I thought about doing it myself. I'm also praying for you as well. I know the struggle. It's not easy and we just have to be strong. You really portray the feelings of IF through your blog. Looking forward to following your story as well!