Our TTC Journey

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here's the scoop... & weigh in

I went in for my u/s and blood work on Tuesday the 14th. All was well and RE had me keep taking 75IU Follistim for 7 more days and to come back on the 21st. I was a little upset because I was expecting to trigger that night. Well, I've done a total of 11 days of shots.

Today, while at work, I went to the restroom and noticed I was spotting. WHAT THE HECK?? How could I be spotting??? Noooo!!!! Ugh! So I called my nurse and she talked to the RE and he told me to keep doing the shots but up the dose to 83IU. She said the spotting should go away by the time of my appointment on Tuesday. I had a sigh of relief. I felt like a freak of nature. Why in the world is my body being insane right now. Hmmm, probably because I'm injecting lots of hormones that my body has trouble producing quickly enough. I don't really know. So I Dr. Googled it and couldn't find anything but mention of mid-cycle bleeding and to contact your doctor. I know my RE knows what he is doing. He's been in this business for a VERY long time. He has to be at least 65 years old. So here I sit, stressed out, and worried about what this cycle will hold for us. It's all about waiting.

It's all about trusting in God and letting him take control. I just have to keep telling myself that.

And as for my Thursday weigh in, here it is....just a little late. lol

Starting: 184.6
Week one: 182.0
Week two: 180.6
Week three: 179.6(AF week)
Week four: 178.2
Week five: 179.0 (Provera week)
Week six: 180.0 (AF week)
Week seven: 179.0 (Follistim week)
Total lost: 5.6 lbs lost.

Ugh, I'm so furstrated. I've worked out so hard these past few weeks. I'm beginning to think it's just my body burning fat and gaining muscle. For crying out loud I burned 460 calories yesterday and today I woke up weighing 180.6! Believe me, I was stunned by the number. Ugh. I even had diarrhea last night (Sorry, I know TMI). I just don't get it sometimes.... I won't give up though. As long as I don't gain another 15 lbs. My goal is to be at 177 by the time I get pregnant. That's 3 lbs. 3 lbs to lose in about a week? Don't think that's gonna happen... but sooner or later it will come off.


  1. Hi Shannon, thanks for visiting my blog! I wish you much luck on your upcoming cycle and hope that everything goes super smoothly past the spotting. And you can totally lose 3lbs in a week....however, fertility meds are bound to make that more difficult than usual. Ugh! It IS totally frustrating, but I wish you more luck nonetheless. :)

    1. Thank you! I really hope that everything goes smoothly, too. It's just another bump in the road. Frustration is all part of losing weight and TTC. I know the meds are making it more difficult. This is my first cycle using stims and it has been an uphill battle. But I will surely get to both of my goals (pregnancy with take home baby, and weight loss) no matter how long it takes!